Atomic and Molecular Collision Data for Plasma Science

Benchmark Calculations for Electron Collisions with Neutral Indium Atoms

High-Harmonic Generation in the Water Window from mid-IR Laser Sources

Attosecond Time Delays near the Photoionisation Threshold of Neon

RMT project at the ATTOChem online workshop

Session #5 - Chair: Petrovic; Speakers: Brown, Lucchini, Ruberti, Bende

Attosecond Chemistry COST Action February 2021 virtual workshop focused on the models and numerical methods for the description of ionization and electron dynamics in molecules.

Attosecond Time Delays near the Photoionisation Threshold of Neon - DAMOP 2021

R-matrix approaches to molecular Photoionization. Part of the Attosecond Chemistry COST Action February 2021 virtual workshop.

R-matrix approach to electron scattering and related processes. Part of the ICEC and related processes virtual workshop May 2021.

This is a presentation given by Klaus Bartschat at the Gaseous Electronics Conference on atomic and molecular collision data required to model plasmas in applications such as lighting, lasers, astrophysics, fusion and planetary atmospheres.

Kathryn Hamilton presents the results of B-spline R-matrix and Convergent Close Coupling calculations of electron collisions with Iridium atoms at the Gaseous Electronics Conference.