Atomic and Molecular Physics Gateway

The AMP Gateway (AMPG) hosts state-of-the-art atomic and molecular physics (AMP) software suites and provides the community with an easy-to-use platform for calculations involving the static and dynamic properties of multi electron atoms and molecules.

Codes are available for computing cross sections for electron scattering, photoionization and solutions of the time-dependent Schrödinger equation in the presence of strong and ultrafast electromagnetic fields. While use of the gateway is free, you must create an account.

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Featured Codes:

Calculations performed using the gateway will be archived here. Links to other useful data bases are also posted.

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Topics of Interest

Attosecond Chemistry COST Action February 2021 virtual workshop focused on the models and numerical methods for the description of ionization and electron dynamics in molecules. YouTube link | Schedule, invited speakers, etc.

Other Resources

Calculating Molecular Integrals in Polyatomic Molecules: Developing a 3D Adaptive Grid Based on Atomic Weighting Functions

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